Inside The Annual NME Pub Challenge

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without NME getting a load of our favourite musos pissed beyond belief, would it? This year, we rounded up the herd and dragged Kate Nash, Will from Mystery Jets, half of Brother, Akiko from The Big Pink and a load of others around indie’s spiritual home of Camden for a right royal piss-up in our annual Pub Golf Challenge.

Of course, it was carnage, and you can read all about what we got up to in this week’s issue of the mag (hint: it takes in broken glass, thrown penises, stolen food, bodged games of Twister and vital info on which of our contestants band’s Kate Nash’s dad is a reeeeeeeeeally big fan of). But for now, enjoy this video of us having it large at The Grand Union:

While we’re here, big, big thanks must go to our lovely friends at, who not only helped us plan our epic pub mission but also provide a great service for local pubs and independent businesses in London by offering all manner of special offers to punters.

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