Inside The Warped World Of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy

Most foreigners don’t really get British humour. Try sitting them in front of an episode of Peep Show or Absolutely Fabulous and chances are, you won’t hear a single laugh – more like a string of “What? You find this funny? I don’t get it”s.

Now imagine putting on an episode of The Mighty Boosh and expecting them to somehow wrap their heads around a scaly man-fish with a mangina named Old Gregg, or a Crack Fox that lives in a pile of bin bags, knocking people unconscious with his farts. I’m from America, and I’ve tried. And let me tell you – it’s never fared very successful.

Now how the devil am I supposed to call home and tell people, “Hey guess what! I just went to a screening of a TV show about a PE-teaching, karaoke-singing chocolate finger, a rainbow-cereal-crapping turd, a cop with a talking knife wound, a cross-dressing Andy Warhol and a caged lion with a David Lee Roth shrine and a Hula Hoops addiction”?

That’s pretty much how my Monday night was spent. I had the pleasure of swinging by an advance screening of Noel Fielding’s latest project, Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy – and either I just came down from one serious Roflcoptr trip, or I just watched one seriously messed up show.

It’s hard to watch this programme without automatically comparing it to The Mighty Boosh – not only is it Noel Fielding’s first show since then, but it also stars many of the same actors (minus Julian Barratt, which is quite hard to get used to), features a cameo or two from some old characters (hint: it’s bright and milky white), and the costumes still look like they were created by a group of sugared-up schoolchildren. And of course the episodes don’t really make any sense.

The difference is – with the Boosh, there was a general storyline to follow. This time round, it’s a string of the most ridiculous scenarios imaginable, thinly threaded together into a tight 30-minute-or-so package. But somehow, they work – not only at making you laugh more than you ever thought imaginable, but at giving you a glimpse into the unabridged version of Noel Fielding’s bizarre, somewhat shocking mind.

At tonight’s screening, we were treated to two back-to-back episodes, and as soon as the second helping finished, I wondered how I could possibly put my thoughts into a few hundred words without giving the plot away. But frankly, it’s damn impossible to do that, even if I had an entire novel to do so.

If you’re expecting a sequel or a repeat of the Boosh, then you’ll likely be disappointed, since this is galaxies away from that show. But if you’re ready to get lost in the most twisted, mind-fucking television show this world has ever seen, then welcome to the world of Luxury Comedy.

‘Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy’ starts on Thursday January 26th on E4