Inside Thom’s Head – What Will Radiohead’s New Album Sound Like?

So the short wait until Radiohead release their eighth studio album ‘The King Of Limbs’ is getting shorter, and fans are speculating over what exactly it will sound like. As Luke points out, details are pretty sparse – interviews with the band have yielded very little while there’s barely any tracks around that look likely to make it.

The King Of Limbs cover

Perhaps we can look towards Thom Yorke’s listening habits to get an idea of the direction they might be heading. His Office Charts have been semi-regular mini-updates over the last few months and years, and while no artist would admit to being directly influenced by what they’re playing on the stereo, it might inform ‘The King Of Limbs’ somewhat.

Radiohead fansite quite diligently updates a Spotify playlist with all the available tracks Thom mentions, and it’s an interesting listen to say the least.

Radiohead's Thom Yorke

The xx, Burial and Four Tet are among some of the more familiar selections of late, and all of these feel like natural choices, variously paranoid, austere and playful, minimalist and electronic, and not too alien to Radiohead. Perhaps we’ll have an ‘Idioteque’ Part Two on our hands.

Emika is an interesting choice, again from the Burial end of the spectrum, a dubstep girl we featured in the Daily Download Ninja Tune profile a while back.

Nathan Fake, meanwhile, a minimal electro laptop guy from Norfolk appears twice on January’s list and Bristolian producer Julio Bashmore is given a nod for his quasi tribal spooky house track ‘Chazm’ (itself not a million miles from ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ if you squint your ears a little).

And then thrown into that dance-heavy mix, some harpsichord freestyling:

Who knows, maybe Thom bends the truth a little bit on these updates and they actually hit the pub near their Wiltshire bolthole after a long session to pound shots and scream along to Van Halen. One thing’s pretty certain though – whatever’s on ‘The King Of Limbs’ will probably surprise us all. What do you think it will sound like?

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Update Friday 18th 10am – Radiohead release a video for a track from the album, ‘Lotus Flower’: