Is Channel 4’s Naked Attraction The Best Dating Show Ever – Or The Worst? Here’s What The Internet Is Saying

“I am quite looking forward to seeing him with his clothes on”. So said the first contestant in Channel 4’s Naked Attraction, which puts six naked people in carefully windowed chambers for the viewing pleasure of one individual, who chooses who stays and who goes based on what they like and dislike about their bits – or, sometimes, ‘stance’.

Eventually there are just two contenders left, at which point the person choosing between them has to get naked as well before making their final choice. The eventual couple goes on a (fully clothed) date. Both the first episode’s couples are, according to The Mirror, still seeing each other. So – even if it sounds like an episode of Black Mirror – it’s been something a success. But what did Twitter make of it? Here are the best reactions:

Kelly and Louis were horrified

Whereas Nina Nesbitt was pretty impressed

One of the guys had an elephant’s head tattooed around his crotch, which was just terrible

And Sophie had to do this after seeing it

Matty got chosen in the end

Even Love Island’s Thomas Powell was perplexed by the show’s existence

But maybe one day he’ll be on it

Interestingly, even Naked Attraction has a wardrobe department

And we’d be surprised if it didn’t show up on Gogglebox. Sorry, Kate.

It was Daniel, though, that really summed up what we were all thinking