Is Hodor A Horse In A Human’s Body? This Mad ‘Game Of Thrones’ Theory Is More Convincing Than You’d Think

Most Game of Thrones theories have existed for some time, because George R.R. Martin’s books have too. But now that the series is forging its own path, having already used most of the material in the books, a new and very weird Game of Thrones theory has arisen based on a scene from episode two, ‘Homeward Bound’. The idea is that Hodor is a horse trapped in a human’s body. Bear with us.

In episode two of the show, Bran shares a vision with the Three Eyed Raven, which takes him back to his father’s youth at Winterfell. It shows a young Ned Stark, a young Benjen Stark (the Night’s Watch member who’s been missing since season one), and a young Lyanna Stark. We’ve never seen Lyanna in the show before, but her history is important for another theory about Targaryens that non book-readers might want to keep away from.

This scene also shows a young Hodor – then named Wylis (or Walder in the books) – a stable boy at Winterfell who was able to talk and was about to practice swordsmanship with the Stark brothers before he was told to go back to his duties. What the scene revealed was that Lyanna was nice to Hodor and that she was a great rider. It’s always been a mystery how and why Hodor changed into the near-mute he is today, and showing him as a capable young man only makes that mystery more apparent.


Reddit users TazoGreenTea and Gbinasia have analysed the scene for details and noticed that the young Lyanna rides a white horse. You can read the full implications of what this could mean in relation to Celtic mythology in Gbinasia’s proposal, but the basic idea is that Hodor was very close to Lyanna and was able to ‘warg’ into her horse as a way of keeping close to her and protecting her. The idea that he’s got supernatural warging abilities comes from his relationship to his great grandmother Old Nan, a wise old character who used to tell the Stark children bedtime stories about magical happenings and is presumed to have abilities of her own.

Anyway, say Hodor wargs into Lyanna’s horse: what if the horse gets killed while Hodor is inside its mind? What would happen to his own mind? The theory suggests that the horse’s consciousness is what remained in Hodor’s body, which is what makes him scared of lightning, and only allows him to say his own name – a sort of exhaling neigh, some people think. Plus, the fact that he carries Bran in a saddle is the kind of hint George R.R. Martin would leave readers. This theory would also explain why Bran is able to possess Hodor at all – it’d be like he was possessing a horse, rather than a human, which the series has demonstrated is an unusual ability.

In the books, this is how Bran’s first possession of Hodor plays out: “It was not like sliding into [Bran’s direwolf] Summer. That was so easy now that Bran hardly thought about it. This was harder, like trying to pull a left boot on your right foot. It fit all wrong, and the boot was scared too, the boot didn’t know what was happening, the boot was pushing the foot away. He tasted vomit in the back of Hodor’s throat, and that was almost enough to make him flee.” Sounds flighty – like a horse.

What this theory could mean for the series is that Hodor may soon serve as a warning for Bran. We saw Bran disagree with his teacher, the Three Eyed Raven, about how long he could stay in his visions, and in past seasons Jojen Reed warned him not to spend too long warging into his direwolf in case he lost himself. The Three Eyed Raven compares his activities as like being underwater, and points out the danger of ‘drowning’. So, if the theory’s right, Hodor will probably soon serve as a tangible example of that danger to Bran.

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