Is Justin Bieber Trying To Be Kurt Cobain? The Internet Turns Detective

Is Justin Bieber trying to be Kurt Cobain? It’s the question we’ve all been asking, and while it’s impossible to offer a definitive answer, it seems likely that, yes, Justin Bieber is probably trying to be the new Kurt Cobain. Or, wait, maybe he’s trying to be the old Kurt Cobain. Listen, it’s confusing.

Bieber’s Purpose tour hit Seattle last week, then Sacramento last night (March 17), and he seemed to be channelling the late Nirvana singer in each instance. In Seattle, he wore a t-shirt bearing Cobain’s mug, teamed with two checked shirts (one tied around his waist, one worn the traditional way, FYI), and also had long blonde hair. Like, that bit isn’t really news, but it’s all adding up, isn’t it? Some have even greeted the video below as evidence that Bieber is imitating Nirvana’s legendary 1993 MTV Unplugged show, but it could equally be a musician playing a hit song on acoustic guitar while sitting down.

So, yes, a lot of information to sift through there – take your time – but things took an even more inconclusive turn at the Sacramento show. Footage has emerged of Bieber performing ‘Mark My Words’ in a transparent box. Now, some are calling this a heart-shaped box, presumably in a reference to ‘Heart Shaped Box’, which is a Nirvana song from the album In Utero.

Just to be absolutely clear on this, for the avoidance of all possible doubt, that is not a heart-shaped box. In terms of being heart-shaped, it fits the description neither anatomically nor symbolically. There is, granted, a small heart drawn on the side. So, yes, it’s all confusing.

These people, though, a right good go at answering today’s hot-button question: Is Justin Bieber trying to be Kurt Cobain?

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