Is ‘Madness’ Really Muse’s ‘Best Song Ever’?

Coldplay’s Chris Martin has declared Muse’s new single ‘Madness’ to be “their best song ever” which begs the question: has he actually heard any of their other tracks? The answer, bizzarely enough, is yes. His band opened for the Teignmouth trio 13 years ago. ‘Madness’ is OK; a bit too much Queen, and a little bland, especially when compared with Muse’s early work.


I’d sooner choose the likes of ‘Sunburn’, ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, ‘Unintended’, ‘Muscle Museum’, ‘Hysteria’, ‘Micro Cuts’, ‘Citizen Erased’, ‘Sober’… I won’t go on. Let me know your favourite Muse track in the comments below.

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