Is Skrillex’s Haircut Contagious?

Something strange is happening in the music business – female pop stars are copying Skrillex’s haircut, left, right and centre (parting).

The look – achieved by shaving one side of the head and keeping the rest long, ideally paired with thick-rimmed glasses – has recently been adopted by Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne and Mrs Skrillex herself, Ellie Goulding. Previously, the likes of Mel B, Rihanna, Willow Smith and Ke$ha got busy with the clippers too. The hairstyle owes much to the grebo scene of the early ‘90s (hello, Carter USM!), but has come to prominence with the rocketing popularity of the world-beating wubstep DJ.

We asked Reagan Breinholt of blog Hairdresser On Fire why the Skrillex is suddenly so popular.

“This haircut is in demand because it’s a way to make long hair edgy. I’ve seen a few girly-girls pull it off too. Although I haven’t done it myself, I think it’s a pretty cool trend because it’s telling of a time period. I love a good hair fad. The passing decades would be so boring without them.”

“I think we’re at the height of the fad right now, and there’s maybe another year before it starts to lose momentum. I know a few moms (granted, super-cool moms) who have done it, and the fact that it’s not just cool young artists in Brooklyn wearing it is a sign that it’s not going to be around much longer. Plus, growing this look out is not pleasant. So maybe the next hair fad will be the aftermath of the Skrillex cut – I guess that would be a bob on one side and long hair on the other.”

The phenomenon is so strong, it even has a theme tune: ‘Girl, You Got Skrillex Hair’ by Electric Valentine featuring Kids On Drugs. When will this nightmare end?