Is Trump’s right-hand man Steve Bannon secretly a dance music fan?

He also looks a surprising amount like LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy

First there was the visual similarity to LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy – but a version that’s lost his house in his divorce and has been forced to sleep in his car – now the plot thickens further.

Steve Bannon – Trump’s right-hand man, White House Chief Strategist and someone who has been accused of anti-semitism and domestic abuse – might just have better music taste than you’d usually expect from someone who runs a far-right propaganda machine. Certainly better than Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who once tweeted that “Daft Funk” should “grow up”.

It was recently pointed out how, of the 200 or so accounts that the Breitbart News Twitter follows, a large chunk of them are dance music artists. Just take a glimpse at the Breitbart follow list and it’s like scrolling through your iPod Shuffle in 2009: there’s Ed Banger Records (responsible for Justice, Uffie…etc), Mr Oizo, Kavinsky, Breakbot.


Unlike his policies though, Bannon’s music tastes aren’t completely stuck in a bygone era; there’s some newer acts too: RiFF RAFF (who famously inspired James Franco’s character in Spring Breakers), electro duo GEMS and noise producer Tobacco.

Clearly, it’s not a great co-sign and some of the acts Breitbart follows have swiftly disassociated themselves from Bannon and his publication. Tobacco told SPIN: “Perhaps they were trying to follow the tobacco industry?”, while a representative for RiFF RAFF was all about numbers and probabilities: “Riff has a million followers and follows hundreds of thousands of accounts. There is zero association or affiliation.”

Punched neo-Nazi Richard Spencer recently claimed that Depeche Mode were the “official band of the alt-right”, which the group obviously dismissed, but would Bannon also beg to differ? Well, he supposedly once wrote a rap musical, so who knows.