Is This Arrangement Of Bohemian Rhapsody Better Than The Wayne’s World Headbanging Scene?

“I think the most daunting part was the Wayne’s World head-banging bit.” So says Charlie Piper, who’s arranged ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for a string quartet from the Royal Academy Of Music.

He needn’t have feared that moment, because it’s the highlight of this performance by Kate Oswin, Alicia Berendse, Lydia Abell and Ghislaine McMullin of the Behn Quartet. This is one of three new tributes to the 40-year-old song by Queen, with the others led by the English National Ballet (choreographed by James Streeter) and Trinity Boys Choir (directed by David Swinson), who reinterpret the classic song into their respective classical art forms to fascinating effect.

See the performance by the Behn Quartet below, and a supercut of all three performances underneath.

To continue the 40th anniversary of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ celebrations, Queen: From Rags to Rhapsody airs on BBC Four on Friday night at 10pm.