This David Bowie Tribute In Sheffield Looks More Like Pat Sharp

Of course, any tribute to David Bowie is welcome. But this new one in Sheffield, unveiled breathlessly on Twitter by BBC Radio Sheffield and located on the city’s hip Division Street… does it actually look anything like him? The internet doesn’t think so. Like, it’s clearly modelled after the famous Brixton one inspired by the Aladdin Sane album cover, around which thousands of Bowie fans gathered for an impromptu memorial on the day his death was announced, but it kind of looks like Aladdin Sane’s rubbish cousin, or if Bowie hadn’t quite evolved properly from the prehistoric era.

Also, what’s up with his massive neck? Bowie was elfin, waif-like, a paper-skinned spider from Mars and a beatific, thin strip of androgyny. This dude looks like he’s got ‘roid rage. And when did Bowie get a throat tat? Did he go to prison and get a throat tat to prove what a badass he was, so he could strut into the prison yard in his catsuit without getting hassled? He did none of this, readers, and Twitter was quick to take the piss, with one user, Robert Dalton, nailing it: “i appreciate the sentiment but it looks more like ‘Fun House’ Pat Sharp’.”

In fact, the social media site proceeded to have a whole lotta fun with the whole debacle…