Could This Opera Singer Be The Perfect Stand-In For AC/DC’s Brian Johnson?

Fate is a real thing. Destiny decides what’s next, and we must simply wait for life to reveal itself.

AD/DC presumably learned these lessons this week, and if they didn’t, the veteran stadium rock band clearly don’t know what’s good for them. The ‘Back In Black’ band is reportedly looking for a new singer, since doctors have warned charismatic frontman Brian Johnson off touring due to his increasing deafness. The universe has offered up the ideal candidate in Cristina Ramos, a 37-year-old opera singer who recently appeared on Spain’s Got Talent.

The grizzled rockers could do much, much worse than Ramos, who flummoxed judges by appearing onstage in a demure black dress and singing some dreary opera stuff before ripping off her dress and tearing into a rendition of AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell’. She was rewarded with a Golden Buzzer (which ushers her straight into the next round) and a standing ovation, as you can see in the clip below. There is, admittedly, a lot of standing ovation in this video. Arguably too much standing ovation.

Anyway, it’s nice to see someone else throw their hat into the ring to bellow the Aussie band’s hits during the remainder of their US tour. The current candidates – by which we mean singers who’ve declared their desire to perform with their heroes – are Pelle Almqvist from Swedish rockers The Hives, one-time AC/DC singer Dave Evans (he did one song, ‘Girl, Can I Sit Next To You’, with them in 1974) and some guy called Marc Storace, who’s in the Swiss band Krokus.

But no, the answer is clearly this Spanish opera singer. Because when life hits the Golden Buzzer, you listen up.