Is This The Greatest Beat Of The Year So Far?

I’m late to this but have you heard the Pusha T track produced by Kanye West and Don Cannon? Called ‘Numbers On The Board’, it’s sandwiched with a verse by Yeezy at the beginning and a sign-off from Jay-Z. It’s moody as hell and suggests Pusha T’s debut album ‘My Name Is My Name’ (May) could be one of the hip-hop albums of the year. Before T signed to West’s GOOD Music label he was one half of Clipse with his brother No Malice (someone’s got to draw the stage-name short straw), so it’ll be exciting to hear where he goes next.

That the finest thing about ‘Numbers On The Board’ isn’t the Kanye or Jay-Z sample (‘Rhyme No More’) or Pusha T’s deliciously slimey vocals but the beat and production skills, underlines Ye’s credo as one of the greatest producers of the 21st century. It’s got a bassline that sounds like an army of cold killer hornets preparing for a frenzied attack, as a blacksmith hammers an arsenal. It’s much darker than much of his previous work, though ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ had its creepy moments. Competition is high: A$AP Rocky’s ‘1Train’, Czarface’s ‘Let It Off’ (DJ Premier), Action Bronson’s ‘Compliments To The Chef’, Track 2 of that Jai Paul ‘album’, ‘Rise Of The Black Suits’ on Ghostface Killah’s ‘Twelve Reasons To Die’ but, whatever you think of the ridiculous popinjay, I’d say this beat’s the best of the year so far. What’s your favourite beat of the year?

UPDATE: Pusha T seem to say on Twitter that the song was produced by Don Cannon:

Though Kanye West tweeted this on the day it came out:

As an aside, the landing page of looks like a new album cover (‘Cruel Winter’?) and suggest he might be a fan of Hard-Fi.