Is This The Worst Cover Version In History?

Never mind Lana Del Rey’s shaky-voiced rendition of ‘Blue Jeans’ (an ironic choice of performer on a show that’s supposed to be about pure vocal talent over image) – the real highlight of Saturday night’s The Voice was this opening performance of U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’, which involved all four of the judges bellowing the song into submission, in the manner of a pack of mountain lions mauling a small boy.

So many ‘highlights’. There’s Will.I.Am, dressed in a kind of lavender Buck Rogers spacesuit. There’s the jaw-dropping moment 40 seconds in when Tom Jones comes in, displaying all the vocal subtlety of a town crier. Then, amazingly, it gets even worse. Cringe! As Thingymajig from The Script knee-slides across the stage (1.38). Cover your ears! As Jessie J attempts to sing every note in the scale, plus a few that aren’t.

Watch and learn, The Voice contestants. This is how not to do it.