Is Tropical Are Boat Thieves – Free MP3

Seasick Mutiny by Is Tropical is an an awesome pop shambles. It’s superfun, but a bit of a bastard, a song born of mistakes.

Is Tropical
“When we were on holiday in Cornwall, late at night, drunk and far from the hotel we thought it would be a good ideal to steal a little row boat and paddle to the next cove,” explains singer Simon Milner. “We got lost and didn’t know which way to go, hence the song’s title.”
The trio put the song together in Garageband and an accident helped shape it’s kinetic sound. “One of the synth lines was musically typed as a drum beat,” says Milner, “we dragged into the wrong layer, but it fit and sounded good.”
downloading the demo of Is Tropical’s Seasick Mutiny here.

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