Is Tyler, The Creator For Real?

Dunno if you heard, but there’s a wedding going on this Friday, and yup, you’re not invited. This week’s NME cover star, Tyler, The Creator, isn’t invited either. But unlike you, he’s not going to sit at home blubbing about the injustice, violently stabbing Queen Kate dolls in the eye with a Pulp Fan Club biro and refusing to eat his tea.

No, he’s coming over to the UK with Odd Future, his motley crew of misfits, oddballs and worryingly talented rappers to cause a bit of anarchy before they disappear off into Europe with Wills’ head on a stick.


The foul-mouthed wisdom of Tyler, The Creator

Actually, that’s not true. In reality, Tyler couldn’t give a shit about a Royal Wedding. We know, because we asked him. He also couldn’t care less about John Lennon, Elvis Pressley, your opinions or pretty much anything that happened in the world before he got a bit bored and started his band.

While Kate and Wills are gazing lovingly into each others’ eyes and whispering “one does” at around midday, Tyler will be soundchecking before Odd Future’s 2pm wedding day show at London’s Village Underground. Either that or he’ll be skating, eating bacon, taking the piss out of his best mate Jasper and legging it around somewhere getting on everyone’s tits.

Come 2pm, he’ll be onstage, rapping about sodomy, necrophilia, vampires, serial killers and young love, front-flipping into a crowd chanting “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school”. By 4, while William and Kate consummate their beautiful royal love (with not
a whiff of sodomy or necrophilia stinking out the palace), and Nicolas Witchell stands outside their bedroom window speculating on what Wills’ orgasmic growls mean for the future of the monarchy, Tyler will be back to his dumb best, farting into his hand and throwing it into people’s faces (or “cusping”, as he calls it).

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Okay, there’s plenty to question in Tyler and Odd Future’s lyrics – they gleefully rap their most dark and twisted fantasies into life with no regard for the ears they offend along the way – but with his post-everything outlook on the world (and, of course, the Royal Wedding), Tyler, The Creator is proving himself to be the most anti-authority instant rebel since John Lydon (another man he couldn’t give a fuck about).

But what do you think? Is Tyler cut from the same cloth as Rotten, or is he just a snotty kid dealing with middle-class guilt by taking the piss out of everything and everyone around him? And while we’re at it, who do you think are the most 4real rebels running riot through the music world today?

Let us know. Friday’s mosh pit awaits.

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