It’s Been A Crap Couple Of Days But This Bowie Emoji Song Title Game Might Cheer You Up A Bit

Yesterday was a pretty bleak day, yet one Twitter user made a valiant attempt at cheering us up. Craig Evans invented the ‘Bowie Emoji Song Title Game’, in which he tweeted 10 emoji-based clues that hint at David Bowie songs. Have a go on the tweet below, and we’ll reveal the answers way down below it.

Craig told us: “The reason for doing the ‘Emoji Bowie Track Title game’ was to try and cheer everyone up on such a sad day. He’s been a huge influence on myself and every band I listen to [and] all the tributes were incredible, so I thought I’d try and make light of this horrible day!”

The answers are below this fairly exceptional photo of the exquisite alien that was David Bowie reading Viz on a train…

1 The Man who sold the world
2 Diamond Dogs
3 Be my wife
4 African night flight
5 Boys keep swinging
6 Cat people (putting out fire)
7 Loving the Alien
8 China girl
9 Heroes
10 Magic Dance