Jack Black Gets In Shape For Brütal Legend

If you thought the apex of Heavy Metal videogaming belonged exclusively to Guitar Hero, then think again. This ‘Rocktober’ sees the arrival of Brütal Legend, a free-roaming action adventure game starring Jack Black as super-roadie, Eddie Riggs. In the first of a planned series of virals leading up to the game’s release, here’s Black himself getting super excited about his new, erm… movie?

The chap who turns up towards the end of the above clip is Tim Schafer, head honcho of Double Fine Productions, the development team creating the game. This man is something of a comedy genius in his own right and has for many years now been responsible for some of the funniest games ever made, dating back to Lucasarts’ 1990 adventure game, The Secret of Monkey Island (which is rumoured to be making its way to Xbox Live Marketplace in ‘special edition’ format soon).

Brütal Legend is only Schafer’s second game since founding Double Fine, but their first game, ‘Psychonauts’, was very well received critically and even earned a Game Of The Year award from Eurogamer in 2005.

Brütal Legend comes armed with the same trademark sense of humour, only this time reigning in some proper heavyweight Hollywood talent to amp the comedy up to 11. Don’t believe me? Check out this recent footage of the game in action:


As you can see in the video above, the game is shaping into an intriguing mixture of open-world exploration (the game environment is directly inspired by a ton of iconic Heavy Metal album covers), free-flowing combat and rock cliché derived set-pieces covering everything from Demon bat-wings to stage-diving. You may also come across a ‘Henge’ or two on your travels through this ludicrous landscape. Those mentioned so far include ‘Bladehenge’ and ‘Beerhenge’.

Several suitable cameo appearances have been confirmed, including Rob Halford and Lita Ford, and though there has so far been no mention yet of the game’s official soundtrack, it’s rumoured that some specially recorded tracks may feature.

Brütal Legend will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3 this ‘Rocktober’ and you can bet your belt-buckle we’ll have more information for you as soon as we get our hands on it! Check out brutallegend.com for more.