Jack White’s Ultimate Guacamole Recipe

Jack White knows what he likes: guacamole made to a frighteningly detailed recipe. Here’s how to dip like a rock star

Any old dip won’t do for Jack…

A mixed week for Jack White. New York hip-hop legends A Tribe Called Quest have announced that the White Stripes frontman will feature on their new album, and founding member Q-Tip has called him a “wizard”. Meanwhile there’s an ongoing worldwide avocado shortage. If we know one thing about Jack, it’s that the man likes guacamole, as it emerged last year that his tour bus comes equipped with bowls of the delicious dip made to a very, very detailed recipe. Think we wouldn’t use this tenuous link as an excuse to make Jack’s guac? A Seven Nation Army couldn’t hold us back.


  • “Mush the avocados too much,” according to Jack.
  • Let this recipe fall into the wrong hands. Jack was annoyed when it leaked last year.
  • Get distracted by thinking about your doorbell.



  • Cut your avocados in half lengthways with absolute precision. Use Black Math if you must.
  • Remove the pits but, crucially, set them aside for later.
  • Dice your tomatoes, finely chop your onion and cilantro (the American word for coriander) and halve your lime.
  • Mix the ingredients in a large bowl. Hold the bowl firmly so it doesn’t hit the floor with an Icky Thump.
  • Add the pits back into the mix, then squeeze in half the lime juice, before smoothing the guacamole with a (vintage) spatula.
  • Ensure the avocado remains as chunky as the riff from ‘Blue Orchid’


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