Jack White’s record label trolled NME on Twitter last night, and did a funny about Blazin’ Squad

He has a new album coming...

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Jack White has a new solo album coming out. You possibly have heard, though, because Jack’s people have been very vocal about the upcoming project. The notoriously techno-shy frontman’s label has even trolled music publications – including yours truly – about it on Twitter.

The account for his label Third Man Records, so-called because pre-fame Jack White once worked at a Detroit upholstery firm named Third Man Upholstery, responded to various outlets’ news stories with sarcastic tweets that related everything back to the soon-to-be-released record.

When the feminist website Jezebel wanted to know if you would “BANG THE MOOCH [Donald Trump’s recently sacked communications director Anthony Scaramucci]”, the record label responded: “I would totally bang (my head) to the #newupcomingjustannouncedtoday Jack White album.”

Is Jack himself tweeting this stuff? Because, with the greatest of respect, that hashtag has all the hallmarks of a man who’s new to Twitter. It simply is not going to trend. Click on that hashtag: there are no other results.

There were many more similar exchanges, however, with publications including The Guardian, Consequence of Sound and Record Collector magazine. When the current affairs websites Death and Taxes relayed the news of Scaramucci’s sacking, Third Man Records replied: “same day #NewJackWhiteAlbum announced. Coincidence?”

At first glance, the hashtag #NewJackWhiteAlbum has gone comparatively viral, with an entire three other results – though, upon closer inspection, two are from 2012 and the other from 2014. That hashtag has been a slow, slow burn for the past five years. Soon, perhaps, the kraken will awake and devour Twitter. Jack White’s social media people do not sleep. They wait, they tweet, they refresh Instagram Moments.

Then, of course, Third Man fired a fabulous missive to NME. Our Twitter account shared the news that “The rest of Blazin Squad surprise Marcel on Love Island reunion show” and Third Man Records replied: “update: Blazin Squad stoked on new Jack White album.”

It’s often said that social media has stripped celebrities of their mystery, allowing us a porthole into their mundanity. Now, though, we’ve seen that Jack White’s social media team know who Blazin Squad are, a fact that is stranger and more wondrous than anything we could possibly have dreamt up.