Jack White’s The Dead Weather Return With The Gloriously Grimy ‘I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)’

Jack White is switching the icy blue shades of his solo career for a return to the all-black hues of The Dead Weather. ‘I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)’ is the first single from the quartet’s upcoming third album ‘Dodge & Burn’ – their first in five years – and it’s an absolute beast.

It opens, as it should, with a trademark White riff. As raw and basic as some of The White Stripes’ earliest material, it forms a suitably uncompromising bed for Alison Mosshart to sound bleaker than a True Detective marathon as she sings, “Nothing’s in colour, I cross the desert, nothing’s alive”. The song stomps along in classic Dead Weather style until a breakdown in the middle, when a swampy riff and a mud-caked bassline from Jack Lawrence slow the pace. For her part, Mosshart remains downbeat, sounding disconsolate (and mysterious) as she asks, ”Why does my heartbeat feel like a speaker?”.

But despite this morbid lyrical tone, ‘I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)’ feels alive, and it’s not hard to imagine Mosshart howling it out centre-stage, dead-eyed and indifferent in front of a swirling moshpit. It’s a crying shame then, that the band have taken the decision not to tour ‘Dodge & Burn’, which was conceived in 2013 with the announcement of a series of single releases on White’s Third Man Records and comes out on September 25. Still, they sound grimy and loud as ever, and it’s good to have them back.

Directed by Ian & Cooper, the video for ‘I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)’ premiered on Tidal , watch a preview below.