Jagara talk supporting Bastille and dreaming big at NME’s CineJam

"Maybe one day we’ll be able to write a song for a new film – that’s the dream.”

As the London pop trio played NME’s CineJam, we caught up with sisters Jane (lead vocals), Ruth (lead guitar) and Cat Edmondson (synths) to talk supporting Bastille and their big-screen ambitions

You left a gap of seven months between your debut single ‘Let Me Go’ and your new one ‘Real Love’. Why the long wait?

Ruth: “We probably took a bit too long – our friends started saying: ‘Are you going to put out any more music?’ And we were like: ‘We plan to, but we need to get it right.’”


Cat: “With ‘Let Me Go’ we didn’t release a video – we just put the song out there to see what people thought. So with this new single, ‘Real Love’, it was really nice to make a video and do it all properly.”

We heard the video for ‘Real Love’ was filmed in double-time on the streets of London…

Ruth: “There was one scene on Holloway Road where we couldn’t stop people walking past. It was on a Saturday night when everyone was getting drunk and it was really hard to stay serious.”

You supported Bastille on a number of arena dates last year. Was that a crazy experience?

Cat: “It was a whirlwind time that completely changed our live set-up, as we needed to make the step up in order to play those bigger venues. It changed us as a live band.”


How far can the band go?

Cat: “You’ve got to aim big, but it’s not a competition – it’s not The X Factor. But we wanna be playing in big venues again to as many people as possible.”

Jane: “We love soundtracks and appreciate the thought that goes into them. Maybe one day we’ll be able to write a song for a new film – that’s the dream.”

Jagara played NME’s CineJam at Rooftop Film Club, Peckham. CineJam, which is curated by Dan Smith from Bastille, is a series of events all summer long that blends music and film at a rooftop bar overlooking London.