Jake Bugg, ‘On My One’ – The Comeback Track Reviewed

“I’m just a poor by from Nottingham…” From deep within the shack-riddled swamplands of the Trent delta, a rootsy blues guitar rings out as a lost young travelling man pours out his ‘Sold A Million Records, Now I Can’t Even Get Stoned Playing Call Of Duty III All Day And I Have To Work Out How To Wash My Own Pants Blues’. “Three years on the road, 400 shows, where do I call home?” Jake Bugg warbles in a classic case of on-the-road alienation and rootlessness, “I’m so lonesome on my one.” They say it’s lonely at the top but Bugg makes it sound a desolate peak indeed – even God’s forsaken him as he roams the globe playing ‘Trouble Town’ until his mates don’t even Whatsapp him during happy hour anymore.

Dank and swampy, ‘On My One’ will bolster Bugg’s reputation as an authentic modern bluesman, but it’s not yet evidence of the hip-hop or ’70s groove pop influence that Bugg is claiming for his forthcoming third album. If collaborator Mike D from The Beastie Boys had a hand in it, he must’ve been off polishing the harmonica and killing the dog.