NME’s Ultimate Jake Bugg Quiz

The Bugg is back. The Nottingham singer known for his emotive folk songs will release his third album, ‘On My One’, on June 17, with a UK tour starting the same month – and you don’t want to miss either.

The 22-year-old is an electrifying live performer and the new record is a thrilling departure from what we’ve come to expect. Fans will be glad to hear his folk roots intact on certain songs, but it’s also influenced by hip-hop and ’70s pop. It’s bound to get people talking; awesome February single ‘Gimme the Love’ is a welcome sign of things to come.

In his NME cover interview in February, Jake told us that he made a creative departure because he wasn’t content resting on his laurels: If I did the same things people would go, ‘Oh, it’s just the same’, but if you do something different, they go, ‘Oh, it’s not like his other two albums’. “I wanted ‘On My One’ to be different. I feel like people are too scared now to do something different.”


So it’s certainly an exciting time to be a Bugg fan – but how much of an obsessive are you really? Take NME‘s Ultimate Jake Bugg Quiz to find out…

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