Show & Tell | James Bay – “Frank Ocean is a genius”

His new album 'Electric Light' is out today

Today James Bay releases his second album ‘Electric Light’ – a real gear change from his debut ‘Chaos and the Calm’. To celebrate, we sat down with the star to play Show & Tell, discovering a bit more about the formerly be-hatted Hitchin gent – who’s sheared off his locks and now wears leather trousers. Check out the video above and read a few of his takes below:

On Pokémon:

“I remember being about 10 and running downstairs and trying to watch it before school. I don’t think I ever had a shiny Charizard – he was called the Abra Cadabra or something. I think I had a shiny Bulbasaur…”

On Prince:

“Prince is just one of the most important artists in pop music history. He pioneered a new thing, flew the flag for some older sounds and refreshed them and brought them to a new generation of music fans. I’m as good an example as any of him being an enormous influence on all of music. He’ll always be one of the most important artists.”

On Furbies:


“I never had a Furby. Probably every friend of mine had a Furby. I wanted to follow the toy crazes – when Yo-Yos were happening, and Tamagotchis – but Furbys, I didn’t ever quite get it.”


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