James Corden And David Schwimmer’s Rap Battle Was Epic Even Before Rebel Wilson Got Involved

Earlier this week James Corden challenged a top Hollywood actress to a Rap Battle and got “Hathaslayed”, but he managed to dust himself off in time for another war of rhymes on last night’s The Late Late Show. This time his opponent was Friends legend David Schwimmer, who had to endure a torrent of lolz about his most famous role. “Millennials let me introduce you to this guy / His name is David, he was famous back in ’95,” Corden began. “That’s when he was hot, he was on TV then / Now it’s 2016 and he has no friends / Get it, no Friends, not famous ever again.” Schwimmer came back hard, firing off zingers about Corden’s weight, Englishness and acting career playing the “heavy best friend [or] the humorous sidekick with a belly so big you can’t find your own…” He even made fun of Corden’s unusual middle name: Kimberley. But it was Rebel Wilson, an unexpected late entrant to the contest, who stole victory from under both their noses. “Carpool Karaoke, you think it’s your big thing,” she told Corden. “But everyone is thinking, ‘Shut up and let Adele sing!'”. Ouch. Check out the whole epic Rap Battle below.