James Corden, JJ Abrams And Chewbacca Mom Are Laughing In A Car Together Because… Merchandise

Do you remember, over the weekend, that lady who shared a live recording of herself putting on a mask that makes a Chewbacca noise when you open its mouth, laughing at it when it roared, then laughing more because of the roar, which made the mask roar even more? The one whose Facebook Live video became the most-watched ever? Yeah, she’s that one whose unblemished, raw happiness turned out to be the perfect advertisement for Star Wars products, so far earning her 140,000,000 video views and a load more Star Wars merchandise from Star Wars for promoting their Star Wars stuff. The one who’s now probably among the fastest-rising viral stars ever. Her name’s Candace.

Well, James Corden is capitalising on her precipitous rise to fame as Chewbacca Mom – a fame which in all likelihood will have an equally precipitous drop in about a week’s time – by using her as viral bait for his Late Late Show. The scene attempts to deliver the same authentic feeling of joy in return for even more merchandise sales: a natural performer, Chewbacca Mom (who seems to have consented to this name) is supposedly driving Corden to work, but gets distracted by the mask, which Corden criticises. Then JJ Abrams turns up to defend the mask from Corden’s criticisms and James puts on the mask too.

They all laugh happily together.

We hope it brightens your day and doesn’t make you cynical about marketing or reconstructed social media narratives.