James Skelly And The Intenders – Exclusive Album Stream Of ‘Love Undercover’

It’s been a while since we heard from James Skelly. The last Coral album, ‘Butterfly House’ came out in 2010 in the aftermath of Bill Ryder-Jones’ departure, and since then the band have gone on one of those hiatuses we hear so much about. The time’s not been wasted – frontman Skelly has been working on a debut solo album with The Intenders (basically the remaining members of The Coral in disguise) and now the moment’s come to deliver ‘Love Undercover’ to the world.

Here’s James:

The album was recorded at Parr St in Liverpool. Alan Wills (Deltasonic, The Coral’s label) told me it had really improved, so I spoke to Rich the engineer there and asked if I could try it out. It went really well. I played guitar and vocals, Paul Duffy played guitar, organ, and vocals, Alfie Skelly – guitar, Nick Power – piano, Ian Skelly – drums, and James Redmond – bass. We’ve all played with each other before and we’re all close friends, so it was very natural.

Demonstrated by taster track ‘Do It Again’, The Intenders’ approach is a little harder than The Coral’s, a more lively take on 60s rhythm and blues.

I think the songs fit well together, I was listening to a lot of soul and R&B so I think that comes out a bit. The songs are much more direct than The Coral stuff; it was a good chance to do something different.

Check ‘Love Undercover’ out for yourself in our exclusive stream below.

James Skelly And The Intenders’ debut album ‘Love Undercover’ is released on Skeleton Key Records on 3 June.