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I don’t know how long I had my back turned just then but at some point in the last six months James Yuill turned rave. The man labelled a folktronic troubadour, who corroborated such claims with the likes of ‘No Surprise’ and ‘This Sweet Love’, has ditched the bedtime beats and acoustic strumming for industrial synths and drums with a purpose.

James Yuill

He played in on of London’s numerous utilitarian subterranean sweatboxes last night, and while he was as endearingly gawky as ever between tunes he had a proper party going, a one-man-Hot Chip-band that had one unfortunate Courtney-alike dancing like she was in a cage on Sunset Strip circa 1983, while a dude with the best sideburns ever (think supersized tarantula hiding in the scruff of his neck and extending claws round to his mouth) took care of visuals.

This is ‘On Your Own’, the new single from forthcoming album ‘Movement Is A Storm’, out on Moshi Moshi in June.


Florida’s Surfer Blood give their game away straight away with their name, origin and sepia-blurry press shots. They do fuzzy, sun-stained indie pop made for cassette players on a plastic chair outside a t-shirt shop on the boardwalk at sunset. No surprises, just perfect pre-summer fun. They’re all over the blogs, and this very first demo, an ultra lo-fi cover of The Beach Boys’ ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ is as good an intro as any.

Surfer Blood


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The National just released another track, the beautifully paranoid ‘Afraid Of Everyone’. Get it here
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Thoughts then on James Yuill and Surfer Blood?