Jamie Lee Curtis Went To The ‘Warcraft’ Premiere Dressed As An Orc Even Though She Isn’t In It. 100 Points.

100 points to Jamie Lee Curtis, who turned up at the premiere of Warcraft – a film she is not even in – dressed in a cosplay outfit, as an orc shaman. And with her came her son, dressed as an orc warrior.

The reason behind her cosplay zeal is her actual interest in video games and cosplaying in her everyday life. Warcraft is based on the lore of the huge multiplayer role-playing game World of Warcraft, and in addition to her knowledge of this, she also went to the League of Legends finals at LA’s Staples Center in 2015 – it’s an esports tournament for gaming professionals. Then there’s her attendance of video game convention Blizz Con, for which she also did cosplay last year, looking like this:

This time, in her orc outfit, she was a bit more recognisable, and posed with fans for pictures outside the film. She’s even down with the Warcraft memes, like the stubbornly suicidal warcry of Leeroy Jenkins.

As for Warcraft itself, the film is directed by Duncan Jones – who directed Moon, Source Code and is also David Bowie’s son – and you can see what it’s like here: