Jamie T ‘Tinfoil Boy’ Track Review: A Rollicking Departure

It’s only been a year since Jamie T unleashed his last EP ‘Magnolia Melancholia’, but ‘Tinfoil Boy’ is a rollicking departure.

Channelling Rage Against The Machine‘s angry fire, the South London troubadour has penned perhaps his darkest and arguably most vitriolic single yet.

Opening with acting pal Florence Bell‘s eery whispers, the track starts gently enough as T croons, “Use the life to keep me here/You break your heart to make sure I’m aware,” before it bursts into a bulldozing Arctic Monkeys-esque chorus, which sees the singer squall the stabbing lyrics: ‘The Tinfoil Boy, boy, boy boy boy boy/He’s a Tinfoil Boy, boy, boy boy boy boy!”, over crashing guitar licks.

The song gives way to thudding drum beats and deathly synths which sound like they were yanked straight out of a Halloween movie as T cries: ‘It’s times like this I feel tricked into waking up, It’s times like this I feel tricked into waking up,” before Flo monologues her cruel misery all over his nightmare.

We waited five years for ‘Carry On The Grudge’ with the singer having to deal with some “personal stuff” after both of his parents became ill amongst other things. But T’s recent movements suggest he’s in prolific form right now.

And if this new single is anything to go by, we can expect wonders from the troubadour’s next record. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait too long.