Japandroids – Wet Hair – Free MP3

I could tell you lots of reasons why scuzz-garage two-piece-that-sounds-like-a-six-piece Japandroids are utterly amazing, but really all you need do is watch this little video made by Canadian satellite radio CBC Radio 3.

(Incidentally, the station has an amazing philosophy and website dedicated to great new Canadian music and lets you create your own playlists – well worth checking out HERE).

The duo’s album ‘Post Nothing’ is out on September 7th on Polyvinyl Records, and this track is coming out as a single before that, backed by b-side ‘Young Hearts Spark Fire’.


That song’s available on The Music Slut, and in fact a load of their tunes are on the US blogs. The album’s epic opener ‘The Boys Are Leaving Town’ is on the Winnie Cooper blog from their hometown and Toronto’s AW Music blog has ‘I Quit Girls’ up for grabs. If you like these be sure to get the album and go see the band when they play their (yet-to-be-announced) UK dates in October.

Download JapandroidsWet Hair here
(Right click and chose ‘save as’ if necessary)
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