Jay-Z And Kanye West, ‘Watch The Throne’ – Preview Video

We have extremely high hopes for ‘Watch The Throne’.

Partly because when these two artists have come together in the past (Kanye’s production on ‘Izzo (H.O.V.A)’ or on ‘Monster’ from ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’) the effect has been combustible. And partly because ‘Otis’ was such a slight, little tease of a song that it got us feeling desperate for more.


This 10 minute “making of” video gives us rubberneckers a delightful insight into the recording process and the sweet but slightly awkward dynamic between the two.

Watch as the two create magic around what looks like the ruins of a French chateau. Sigh as Kanye gives Jay-Z a bespoke watch as a present, laugh at Kanye’s hair from studio footage taken in 2002 and coo as Jay compares Kanye to “a brother”.

Extra points for spotting Beyonce, Where’s Waldo? style. Mainly, it’s just a thrill to soak in the snippets of the new tracks which sound uh-mazing.

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