Jeremy Clarkson is back with his annual reminder that grades aren’t everything

You can still be a baller with a C and two Us

Today is A-Level results day, where thousands of anxious teenagers up and down the country will open the envelope that could determine their future. After years of work and studying, the stressful day will see thousands of students get their choice place at University; but sadly, some will be left disappointed.

And that’s where Jeremy Clarkson comes in.

Every year, the presenter chimes in on Twitter, reminding his huge following that it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t get your grades; as he failed, and he’s still an absolute baller.


And like clockwork, Jezza chimed in this morning reminding us what day it was:

As Clarkson munches on his truffles for brekkie, teens up and down the country can sleep soundly knowing that one day that too could be them.

Some tell what day it is by using their phone calendar, but let’s be honest, most of us do it by when Clarkson’s last tweet about his lavish life came.

The tradition has been going on for years, and has included reminders that he’s on a yacht, holiday in St Tropez and has a Merc.


And everybody has become used to the infamous tradition:

Thank you Jeremy Clarkson, for always putting things into perspective, you man of the people.

If you have applied to University and have missed the grades, here’s what you can do next.