Jess Glynne’s Glastonbury Set Put A Rictus Grin On Glastonbury-Goers’ Faces

The fact that the sun breaks through the clouds the moment Jess Glynne’s backing band burst onto the Pyramid Stage doesn’t go unnoticed. An afternoon of drizzle is put behind us as the North London singer strolls out dressed in a bright green sequinned trouser suit and platform shoes, looking not unlike a fabulous cross between funk legend Bootsy Collins and the Riddler.

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It’s been a glum day, what with the weather and the soul-sapping Brexit result, but Jess is in an outrageously cheerful mood. Jess doesn’t want to bring you down. Jess wants you to have a right laugh. Jess wants you to dance and sing with your mates. Jess wants you to forget the worries of the world and have a party. And so the crowd complies.

The talk is kept strictly light. There is no mention of Brexit, no barbed take downs of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson and braying Torys. With the grinning Jess we get endless “wow!”s and chatty musings on how much playing Glastonbury means to her after she had to cancel last year because of vocal chord surgery. “I’m here to bring love and happiness because the weather is so awfully shit,” she says, as the weather gets progressively better throughout her hour long set.

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‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ and ‘Ain’t Go Far To Go’ are pop music as a pep talk, with Jess belting in your ear and telling you that you’re bloody great, and you’ll do just fine in life, and everything will sort itself out in the end. A brass section adds to the buoyant atmosphere, and when they break into the riff from ‘Uptown Funk’, the crowd are grinning harder than a 4am walk up to the Stone Circle.

The big bangers, ‘Rather Be’ and ‘Hold My Hand’ bookend the show, sparking off mega singalongs. People are smiling. People are happy. Jess Glynne has made us forget about all the shit for a few precious minutes. And for that we are thankful.