Jesse Hughes – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Braincells?

Jesse ‘The Devil’ Hughes takes our weekly test of rock star brain cells…

How did Axl Rose describe you when you opened for Guns N’ Roses in 2006?
“And I quote, ‘What did you all think of the pigeons of shit metal? I feel sorry for the little fella, it’s their last night on the tour.’”
Correct. Is it true you still got paid for the whole tour?

“Let me tell you a little story. Axl Rose has got a reputation as a dude who cancels his commitments. So in order for him to do business, he has to pay everyone in full in advance. So yes. They paid us in full. But being disapproved of by Axl is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

What colour underpants did you pose in with Belgian rockers Black Box Revelation when they supported you on tour in 2009?
“Pink American Apparel underwear.”
Correct. It takes a brave man to wear pink, surely?
“Well, we’re all pink on the inside, my man.”


What was unique about the gig you played at London’s Soho Revue bar in January 2007?
“It was ladies only. That was one of the truly craziest fucking experiences. I’ve played a lot of gigs. I’ve never really been scared of the crowd. But these chicks… Here’s an example. I’ve always only played songs in my set once. At the end, we played ‘The Boy’s Bad News’ and the front row of girls were like, ‘Play it again!’ I was like, ‘Yeah, right.’ They were like, ‘No, play it again!’ I did not want to fucking say no to these ladies. If I did, I think it might have ended in cannibalism.”

Your song ‘High Voltage’ is featured in an advert for which brand of shampoo?
“Oh wow. I want to know the answer to that.”
Wrong. Head & Shoulders – the one with the man and the nurses in the shower. Only the online version, the TV version has different music.
“You’re serious? My song is in a Head & Shoulders commercial. That’s rad, dude! I did not know this and I’m very upset because Head & Shoulders, that’s the shampoo that makes dandruff go away, baby!”

You contributed to the book Sex Tips From Rock Stars in 2010. What was your sex tip?
“You get further with sugar than with salt. And if you want girls to be nice to you, you should be nice to them first.”
Correct. Does it work?
“It works like a charm, my friend.”

Who did you fly over from the States as your guest of honour when Eagles Of Death Metal played Glastonbury in 2009?
“Ha ha! My mom.”

Catalogue number COQ001 refers to which Eagles Of Death Metal single?
Wrong. ‘Shasta Beast’, which was given away on the 2006 TV show On The Road With Eagles Of Death Metal.
“That’s right! I don’t even have one of those, dude. You and I are going to have to get together and go record store shopping.”

Which pop star did you offer your services to in 2006?
“And I’ve said it every day since. That would be one Miss Britney Spears.”


Under what two aliases is Josh Homme credited in ‘Peace, Love, Death Metal’?
“‘Carlo von Sexron’ or ‘Baby Duck’”.
Correct. How do you address Josh on friendly terms?
“Baby Duck, because when he gets mad he looks like that big giant animated duck [From 1950 cartoon Baby Huey – Cartoon Ed].”

You’re releasing a new solo album called ‘Honkey Kong’ under the moniker Boots Electric. How much does a Boots Electric Steam Steriliser cost from
“Ha! £29?”
Wrong. £35.75!
“I’m a huge fan of Boots.”

Total Score: 7/10