13 Times JME Was Off-the-charts Funny

JME – aka Jamie Adenuga, aka Skepta’s brother, aka founding member of London grime crew Boy Better Know – is leading grime’s renaissance and doing so in the most punk way possible, with no label or manager. Grimes is a big fan, as she explained in a recent interview that she’s dying to meet him when she’s next in London.

JME’s also a right joker on social media. Whether he’s making skits with segways (his favourite mode of transport), berating the moon or inciting romantic thoughts about the Queen, he’s grime’s king of comedy for sure. Here, then, are 13 times the rapper was the funniest musician on the the internet.

When he was an evil genius


When he turned himself into a Power Ranger


When he struck up a long-running Twitter bromance with a random student

In 2010, a school pupil – named Matthew – tweeted JME to say he’d achieved an A in a GCSE paper he wrote about the rapper.


In 2012, Matthew offered JME a lil life update.

Guess what! Three years later, Matthew graduated from university too, and was sure to let his kindly mentor know.

In that tweet, Matthew suggests the story is complete, but to be honest, if JME doesn’t become Godfather to Matthew’s first child, we won’t feel this narrative has reached a satisfying dramatic resolution.

When he painted this beautiful picture

When he showed us the way to a woman’s heart

When he lived our dreams

Seriously, who hasn’t wanted to torch a nuisance call via the medium of grime?


When he captured this moment of segway slapstick

Don’t worry, that was freerunning extraordinaire Tim Shieff, who was (almost definitely) fine after what was (almost definitely) a joke.

When he made us wonder if we’d swipe right or left on old Queenie

When “shorts 24/7” was integral to his manifesto

When he showed us how badass John Humphrys really is

When the moon “ducked out” on him

When he threatened to become a plumber

When he dissed Snapchat

When he sold someone a playstation for 5p

JME announced on Twitter that he was selling his PS4. Someone offered him £50, but they were too far away (like, another part of London) so he opted for someone closer. Who stumped up the grand total of 5p.

When he swapped his record for Pokemon cards

Yes, JME works in mysterious ways, but the man likes to do a deal. Last year, he offered to swap vinyl editions of his then-new album Integrity for shiny Pokemon cards.

Which made some fans very happy.

And others less so.

Well, JME is nobody’s fool – and don’t even think about trying to get him into a pair of long trousers – and for that, we salute the funniest man in grime.

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