John Doran’s Top Ten Noise Rock Bands – Part Four

Another cochlea-buggering dose of noise rock for a dark Wednesday…

7. Mugstar

Hailing from that cradle of civilization, Liverpool, Mugstar are cosmic trucker metal for those who like a vigorous cleansing of the third eye, preferably with amyl nitrate instead of Optrex. They have recently released a fine album called ‘Lime’ and are one of the better turns on the tribute album ‘In Search Of Hawkwind’.

Please explain what kind of music you play and what your live shows are like?
Jase Stoll (bass): “Mugstar play psychedelic Kraut/space/noise/rock and live are a total assault on senses.”

What is the best environment and mindstate to enjoy ‘Lime’ in?
“The best environment to enjoy ‘Lime’ would be driving down a desert highway or over the Humber Bridge or along long a dark motorway.”

What is the secret of heavy?
“Heavy is a reason to be loud and loud is a reason to be heavy.”

Why is Predator 2 such a good film?
“Because it points out that drugs are both good and bad.”

Download Mugstar’s ‘Serra’ here

8. Castrovalva
Castrovalva were the unexpected success of Manchester’s In The City showcase this year – if a band playing to forty people in a room above a pub can ever be described as a success that is. Mixing up hardcore, punk and extreme metal with unhinged R&B/hip hop vocalisations, ragga samples and lyrics that seem to be solely concerned with fighting (mainly of the computer console game variety), they seem to baffle and energize audiences in equal numbers. But as my mate John said so rightly, ‘they’re the kind of band who piss about right up until the point when it’s time to stop pissing about.’ Real talk.

Please explain what kind of music you play and what your live shows are like?
Ant (bass): “Basically our band is like a Lamborghini Diablo Prototype and your mate’s band is like a Citroën Saxo full of crumbs that nobody hoovered out from that one time you took your sister’s kids to the swimming baths.”

How much does your singer hate being compared to Peter Kay?
Leemun (vocals): “In looks? Everyone loves Peter Kay so why would I hate it; plus people hate me so I’m not really like Peter Kay.”
Dan (drums): “I think Har Mar Superstar gets a worse reaction…”
Ant: “Or if they call him that dude from Superbad [Jonah Hill]. He got called Joe Pesci once too, but that’s because we were saying the front cover of Lethal Weapon 3 was a picture of us three. I’ll go with that! Danny Glover is next level!”

Why is Predator 2 such a good film?
Dan: “Danny Glover.”
Ant: “Yeah, Danny Glover is a pure badman. That bit where he squares up to some donut in the station and does that air slap next to his head? The predators weren’t ready!”
Leemun: “It’s like asking, ‘Why is Halo a good game?’”

Download Castrovalva’s ‘Donut’ here