John Doran’s Top Ten Noise Rock Bands – Part Three

Two more synapse-melting noise rock bands from The Quietus’ John Doran…

When you see GNOD on stage, it might look like some kind of Jeff Goldblum in The Fly matter transference pod accident has occurred involving The Levellers, The Polyphonic Spree and Pop Will Eat Itself – but don’t let that put you off. Under the dreadlocks are some wise Salford heads who apply Krautrock and Afrobeat rhythms to the heavy psychedelic pulse of noise rock transporting the listener straight through that jacuzzi on the wall in Stargate.


Please explain what kind of music you play and what your live shows are like?
GNOD: Trance music. Journey music, driving music, sex music, work music. The best compliment we have is that people feel like they are on drugs without having taken drugs. The live shows are mint, check us out!

What are the (possibly) less predictable influences on your sound (i.e. German and African)?
“Congotronics, Les Rallizes Denudes, Sublime Frequencies, Krautorliqor, Netto, Salford Tom’s doom boom.”

Why is Predator 2 such a good film?
“Cos you don’t see the eyes of the demon, until him a come a callin’!” Danny Glover sweating through his orange shirt. “Dis is dread man, pyuuur dread!”

Download GNOD’s ‘Tonys (Live In Bristol)’ here

6. Oaf
Oaf distinguish themselves in many ways. One of them is that, even in amongst this inauspicious bunch, they’re pretty unpleasant. Luckily their songs such as ‘Wanking With A Fist Full Of Shit’ and ‘Giant Ball Bag’ are demented glimpses into the destabilized male id wreaking revenge on its timid ego. They’re genuinely not quite like any other band round at the moment, in a time when it’s quite hard to say that…


Please explain what kind of music you play and what your live shows are like?
Dom Lawson (bass/vocals): “The simple answer is that we’re a punk rock band…but thanks to a fairly wide range of influences, we don’t sound like one a lot of the time! The main inspirations come from Dead Kennedys, NOMEANSNO and Cardiacs, but because we’re a duo with no guitarist, there’s a definite grindy, noise rock edge to it all too, with shades of Big Black/ Rapeman, Silverfish, Jesus Lizard and Unsane in there. Chuck in some Van Der Graaf Generator, Motörhead and a big dollop of jazz and you’ll be in the right ballpark. With ghastly lyrics as an added bonus. Our live shows are a mixture of raging intensity and idiotic prattling. Also, we look odd – James is small and smartly-dressed and I’m a giant, sweaty metalhead – and we go at it like two wolverines in a wheely bin full of offal.”

How should one best enjoy the music of Oaf?
“I think Oaf is best experienced in a state of mild agitation, with a stiff drink to hand and the dim prospect of a late night curry as a conciliatory carrot.”

What does 2011 hold for you?
“2011 should involve the recording of our second album, which is more or less written and ready to be captured by that wonderful man Russ Russell. The new stuff is like the old stuff, only more horrid. Hopefully we’ll do a few gigs too, sanity permitting.”

Why is Predator 2 such a good film?
“Because it’s got Rubén Blades in it, and he brings the hot salsa!”

Download Oaf’s ‘Tiny When Erect’ here