John Lydon – Does Rock’n’Roll Kill Braincells?

How much was a recently discovered rare recording of ‘God Save The Queen’ by Sex Pistols sold for, making it the most valuable vinyl disc of all time?
“Are you talking about that eBay flogging? Ludicrous. It’s a shame I have no copy.
It’s of no consequence to me as I won’t get a penny.”
Wrong. It went for £8,000
“Is that all?”

Including yourself, how many full-time members of Public Image Limited have there been?
“Er, between 47 and 49.”
Wrong. It’s 19
“Come on, it’s too variable to keep proper tabs! There were probably even more than that. It was an enormous umbrella and launched a number of careers. It’s a shame many of those people haven’t shown the respect due.”
Go on then. Half a point

Fans of which West Yorkshire football club chant a version of ‘Anarchy In The UK’ on the terraces?
“Oh shit – I heard about this. Oh fuck, I’ve forgotten their name. Is it York City?”
Wrong. Halifax Town
“I would not have got it. The information was incorrectly supplied to me. Good on ’em. More of that.”



Which band covered ‘Anarchy In The UK’ in 1991?
“Oh, er Megadeth?”
Wrong. They covered it in 1989. In ’91 it was Mötley Crüe
“Oh yes, of course. They peppered it with the wrong words ’cos they didn’t know the full monty. I would have quite happily told them what the real words were. They lost the meaning somewhat. It’s not cunt-like tendency, it’s council tendency. Reading is not an ability that features heavily in the heavy metal world. I was pleased with how bad this version was.”


In the Simpsons episode ‘Love, Springfieldian Style’, which character plays you?
“l don’t even know the episode, love.”
Would you care to have a guess?
Wrong. You were played by Bart Simpson


Which song kept ‘God Save The Queen’ off the Number One spot in 1977?
“Oh, it was ‘Sailing’ by Rod Stewart, wasn’t it?”
Wrong. It was Rod Stewart, but the song was ‘I Don’t Want To Talk
About It’

“No! It wasn’t, it was ‘Sailing’, I’m sure. Yeah, ’cos I remember it was such a fucking awful song. I remember ‘Sailing’, ’cos I blame everything for that.”

What are you doing on the front cover of NME in 1996?
“(Laughs for 20 seconds) Trying to bump sales for your magazine, clearly understanding that NME stood for ‘No More Ethics’.”
Wrong. On the cover (pictured left) you have a thought bubble coming out of your head and you appear to be dreaming about your band
“No I’m not. You’re wrong. They’re not in my dreams.”



What was the name of your Bushtucker Trial in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here?
“My what? Oh, the bird thing, ‘Beat The Birds’. The ostriches. They’re vicious. I never thought I’d end up with my hand up an ostrich’s arse.”

What does the headline say on the front page of the newspaper you’re holding in the Country Life butter advert?
“I wouldn’t know because I was reading the inside page.”
Wrong. It says ‘A Great British Occasion’. Have you not seen it back?
“No. Not necessarily so. I’m just focusing on that gorgeous chunk of man they call me.”

Name one of the eight bands who supported Sex Pistols at the 1996 Finsbury Park, London, gig?
“Oh, Iggy. And a few others (laughs). That’s about all I can remember…”
Correct. We’d also have had 3 Colours Red, Fluffy, Stiff Little Fingers, 60ft Dolls, Buzzcocks, Skunk Anansie and The Wildhearts
“You get so stressed at these events that you get overwhelmed. It was also my dad’s birthday, so that was the real focus of the day. Plus Stuart Pearce and one of the Nevilles turned up. They got chastised by the England powers-that-be for going.”
“Indeed. It’s a shame some Arsenal players didn’t turn up. Wankers. A great day, though.”

Total Score: 2.5/10

“Oh no you don’t, that’s unacceptable. My answers were forthright and honest. You’re cheating. I’m going to talk to my MP about this.”

This article originally appeared in the May 28th issue of NME

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