Jon Hamm, Emma Stone and “David Beckham” Audition For Star Wars – Watch

Star Wars season is in full flow, and no corner of the media is untouched by the swish of the lightsaber.

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live got stuck in, with a host of cast members taking on the role of various celebrities – including Sofia Vergara, Danny DeVito and a bicycle-kicking David Beckham – auditioning for the new Star Wars film. Among the cast of funnies in this fictional screen test are actual The Force Awakens actors Daisy Ridley and John Boyega (who addresses the frankly-ridiculous debate surrounding his role in the new film by laughing at a script and incredulously asking “A black stormtrooper? Yeah right!”) and actual Hollywood stars Emma Stone and Jon Hamm. Ever wondered what Don Draper would be like as Han Solo? Well, wonder no more.