Jon Hillcock – Introducing NME Radio’s Newest DJ

Do you drink too much caffeine? Looking for a suitable alternative to double strength Americano?

Then I’d like to personally recommend starting a brand new show on a different radio station on a miserable Monday morning in October. At about 10.10am today I was forced to turn the music up as loud as possible in the studio just to avoid the cloying thud of my own galloping heartbeat. It wasn’t all bad, though – Dinosaur Jnr’s ‘The Wagon’ sounds rather good extra loud.

I’m Jon Hillcock and every morning I’ll be pressing buttons which make good songs play from 10am-midday on NME Radio, and this week that will include ‘My Keys Your Boyfriend’, my record of the week from Everything Everything.

Jon Hillcock

I’ll also be here with New Noise every Saturday at 7, within which you’ll hear all manner of adventurous new sounds that will hopefully provoke elements of utter joy, sadness, hope, despair and possibly unbridled anger. The only thing worse than hatred after all, is indifference.

Essentially the simple premise is ‘all-new-music-plus-hot-download-record-shopping-and-gig-tips’. Admittedly it’s a tagline that doesn’t exactly jump off the screen and grab you by the throat, but it sort of does the job.

Also, I’ll be doing a daily blog, the New Noise Five A Day, which will throw up a quick list of things I think might be worth the attention of your eyes and ears, including a song to download, some artwork, a new band to investigate, a gig worth going to that night and a video of sorts. It remains to be seen how long I keep this up. Let’s hope it lasts longer than my fantasy football team who are, even at this early stage of the season, either crocked permanently, subbed or just very, very shit.

Cheers, and hello.