Josh Homme’s 11 Best Tracks Away From Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens Of The Stone Age‘s Josh Homme has had quite a busy 2016 so far. He’s already recorded, produced and toured one of the best albums of the year in Iggy Pop’s ‘Post Pop Depression’, as well as helming Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi’s first album with new band CRX. It’s yet another reminder that the Hommenator’s talents don’t end with the desert sleaze of Queens: he’s also a dab hand at producing, as he showed with the Monkeys’ third album ‘Humbug’, and has collaborated with the likes of Foo Fighters, Martina Topley-Bird, Auf Der Maur, Mark Lanegan, The Strokes, Death From Above 1979, Primal Scream, Liam Howlett and Florence + The Machine over the years. Here’s a look at some of Homme’s best extracurricular work…

1) Eagles of Death Metal – ‘Complexity’

Homme teamed up with Jesse Hughes way back in 1998, but they didn’t release their debut, ‘Peace, Love, Death Metal’ until 2004. Recently the pair revealed that their fourth album ‘Zipper Down’ will be released in October with this single ‘Complexity’ the first track to be taken from it. The artwork pictures Homme and Hughes in Star Trek-like shirts, brandishing zap guns. Oh, and they’re each covering a giant nipple, like human pasties.

2) Them Crooked Vultures – ‘New Fang’

In 2009 the world was treated to a band made up of none other than Led Zep’s John Paul Jones, Foo Fighter Dave Grohl and Josh Homme. ‘New Fang’ was the first single to be released by the band, taken from their self-titled debut. The song earned them a Grammy for ‘Best Hard Rock Performance’. No sign of a second album, though.

3) Kyuss – ‘Gardenia’

Back in 1987, before ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ were formed, came Kyuss. More of a hobby than anything else, Homme and bandmates established a sound for themselves with clattering drumbeats and Homme’s gut-wrenching guitar solos. A great precursor of what was to come, tracks such as ‘Gardenia’ Kyuss laid the way for ‘Queens of the Stone Age’, and set Homme on the path to rock domination.

4) Josh Homme – ‘Villains of Circumstance’

A rare acoustic performance in 2014 saw Homme perform solo track ‘Villains Of Circumstance’ at a London gig. Homme’s characteristically deep vocals drone over a delicately plucked acoustic guitar helped create a haunting track and showed Homme doesn’t need amps to shake up a crowd.

5) David Sardy – ‘Nobody To Love’

Recorded for David Ayer’s crime thriller ‘End of Watch,’ Homme teamed up with composer and producer Dave Sardy for track ‘Nobody To Love.’ Sardy was working on the score for the movie, which starred Jake Gyllenhaal as a police officer confronting gangs in southern California, and called in Homme to perform the fast-paced action track to close the movie.

6) Florence + The Machine – ‘Jackson’

Homme teamed up Glastonbury headliner Florence for an MTV Unplugged performance back in 2012. The pair performed a duet of ‘Jackson,’ the classic track made famous by Johnny Cash and June Carter. Talking to Rolling Stone, Florence admitted she’d been a fan of Homme and Queens of the Stone Age since she was a teenager and deemed the performance “a dream scenario”.

7) Arctic Monkeys – ‘Knee Socks’ ‘One For The Road’ and Humbug production

The Turner/Homme bromance is a magical thing. Turner provided backing vocals on QOTSA album ‘Like Clockwork’ and Homme returned the favour by singing back-up on ‘Knee Socks’ on Arctic Monkeys’ 10/10 album ‘AM.’ He also co-produced ‘Humbug’, the Sheffield rockers’ third album and has previously called Turner ‘one of the most talented singwriters and lyric writers out there.’

8) Primal Scream – ‘Necro Hex Blues’

Homme features on ‘Necro Hex Blues’, a track on Primal Scream’s 2008 album ‘Beautiful Future’. The collaboration is said to have come about when Queens played in London back in 2007, and ended up jamming with the Scream’s guitarist Andrew Innes.

9) Pearl Jam – ‘In The Moonlight’

During the holiday season each year, Pearl Jam gift their ‘Ten Club’ followers with new and exclusive tracks as a little thank you. In 2011, they outdid themselves, with Eddie Vedder and his band recruiting Homme to perform ‘In The Moonlight’ as a fan-only little stocking-filler, recorded during the band’s PJ20 music festival when both bands were on the bill.

10) PJ Harvey – ‘Make It Wit Chu’

In 2003, Jools Holland welcomed Homme onto his long-running show alongside PJ Harvey to perform tracks from Josh’s musical collective series ‘Desert Sessions.’ The pair performed ‘Make It Wit Chu,’ a smooth and sexy jam with PJ Harvey providing backing vocals to Homme’s deep, hypnotic vocals.and that guitar solo. A match made in heaven. A re-recorded of the track later appeared on 2007 album ‘Era Vulgaris’.

11) Iggy Pop – ‘Gardenia’

The sudden announcement of Iggy Pop’s secret album, ‘Post Pop Depression’, was a much-needed bit of positive news in January 2016. Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders was on drums, Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age on guitar and keys, while the man himself, Homme, produced the record, as well as singing and playing guitar, bass, and keys. ‘Gardenia’ was the stand-out first offering, a rollicking team effort from the brand-new supergroup.