Julian Casablancas, ‘Phrazes For The Young’ – Post Your One-Line Reviews

Listen to the Julian Casablancas album

So what do you think of ‘Phrazes For The Young’? NME’s own Barry Nicolson gave it 8 out of 10, praising Julian’s “halogenic synth-pop swagger” and “cheekily subversive” take on Obama-era America.

Kitty Empire in The Observer was equally effusive, calling the record “joyous” and concluding: “There is a new Strokes record in the pipeline, but it will struggle to be as much fun as this one.”

Lead-off single ’11th Dimension’, in particular, has been picking up some glowing reviews – Pitchfork gave it 8 (“It chirps, buzzes, and trips the light fantastic”).

Within in the NME office, reactions have been a little more… mixed. Jamie Fullerton reckons it’s a fun stop-gap to tide us over ’til the next Strokes album, despite being “a bit iffy”, while Alan Woodhouse says, “He sounds like he’s very drunkingly singing over some bad demos.” Hamish MacBain, meanwhile, just barked, “Shit sandwich”.

But now you’ve heard it, what do you think?