Axl’s AC/DC Debut In Lisbon – What The Fans Thought

In Lisbon on Saturday night, AC/DC made their live debut with Axl Rose on vocal duties, the Guns N’ Roses singer having temporarily replaced ailing singer Brian Johnson. Rose was drafted in following the bombshell that Johnson could no longer play live with the Australian rockers due to the high chance of him losing his hearing if he continued.

After a brief period of uncertainty and rumour, Rose was announced as the man to replace Johnson and provide the screeching pipes that ensures the Australian rockers keep ticking. It wasn’t all good news though – fans were angry that Johnson has essentially been ‘kicked to the curb’ and many demanded (and got) a refund.

Guitarist Angus Young tried to suppress any lingering doubts about the prospect of Axl Rose on the mic, with Rose himself appearing genuinely humbled to be playing with the hard-rock legends in our exclusive interview with the pair – and the recruitment appears to have been a successful gamble.

NME Exclusive Interview: Axl Rose And AC/DC On The New Shows, His First Audition And What’s Next For The Band

Following a 22-song set which included a Rose, seated due to a broken leg, fireworks and ‘Riff Raff’ for the first time in 20 years, fans and critics alike were mostly won over on social media channels.

Doubters were quite happy to admit they were wrong

Dietmar was feeling a bit smug about the whole thing

But not everyone was thrilled

Need to make your mind up? Check out a few clips from the show below

Their mammoth ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour rolls into the UK in less than a month, and if their show in Lisbon is to be trusted? It’s going to be a triumph.