Justice, ‘Audio Video, Disco’ – Stream The Album

Alors, Justice retournez. Finalement. Gaspard and Xavier are back next week (Oct 24th) with their first full-length since 2007’s ‘†’, the slightly less aggressive but no less excellent ‘Audio Video Disco’, an album that marries le rock with la rave like only they can. An album Gavin Haynes in this week’s NME describes thus:

Jimmied together with sprockets of Van Halen and AC/DC riffs, set about with Led Zep and Queen drum patterns, it’s proof if proof were needed that they are the accidental electro act; barbarians at the gates of rock n roll, taking the aspects they like most out of a culture they’re not part of, smashing up its supporting tissue, tearing out the meaty bits, and treating the rest with refreshing sacrilege.


Take a listen and let us know your thoughts below. It’s all about ‘Helix’ for me personally.

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Justice, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ – First Listen