Justin Bieber Fell Off A Skateboard Twice In 10 Seconds And It Was Everything

When life throws a skateboard in your path, the best approach is to just jump on it and hope for the best. And if you happen to fall off? You dust yourself down and throw yourself back on again.

If you fall off again, you should probably give up skateboarding.

Yes, this the news that Justin Bieber – or so everyone thinks; it’s not been confirmed yet – is a master of a very important part of skating: falling off and getting up again. Check out this Vine clip, which is pinballing up and down the internet like his skateboard racing uncontrollably, sans probably-Biebs, up and down a halfpipe.



If it’s him, it’s not the first time Bieber has been captured on film trying and failing to catch some air. He made a ball of it at Venice Beach in Los Angeles a couple of years ago too.


Amazingly, he seems to have got worse in that time. Still, it must be a bit bleak to know you can never practise and socialise without someone filming you on their iPhone to for the entire world to laugh at.



This comes after Jake Phelps, editor of the skateboarding magazine Thrasher, criticised celebs such as Bieber and Rihanna for wearing his brand’s merchandise. “We don’t send boxes to Justin Bieber or Rihanna or those fucking clowns,” he told Dazed. “The pavement is where the real shit is. Blood and scabs – does it get realer than that?”

Actually, it does. It gets a real as a man who looks like Justin Bieber falling off his skateboard twice in 10 seconds. The blood and scabs will take care of themselves.