Justin Bieber Went To A Metal Pub In London After The BRIT Awards

Many tourists come to the UK, and indeed London, to sample a pint of ale at a quintessential British pub. “A glass of your finest tipple, barkeep!” they say, smirking at their travelling companion, to the confused looking man behind the bar, who in turn sighs, picks out a glass and mutters an insult or three under their breath. The tourist is undeterred. “Ah, England – they’re just so traditional aren’t they? God bless the Queen!”

This scenario no doubt played out late on Wednesday night/early Thursday morning as Justin Bieber, in the capital to attend, play at and receive an award at the glittering BRITs ceremony at The O2, was pictured leaving a popular drinking establishment in Soho in the early hours.

But said establishment wasn’t your average pub, oh no. Crobar, located on Manette Street, is described, rather misleadingly, by Google as a “compact rock bar with jukebox and live music, memorabilia on the walls and popular happy hour deals”. Bieber’s choice of post-BRITs fun (prior to attending a far swankier affair at the TAPE club just up the road) is particularly notable for the fact that Crobar is a rather unforgiving metal pub that is open until 3am six days a week, and carries a mocked-up coat of arms that preaches both the ideals of “rock’n’roll” and ‘beer and whisky” – a dizzying mix.

Snapped by paps and curious social media users as he left the pub, Bieber’s endorsement of the central London metal scene – although it must be remembered that Lady Gaga first gave such props following a visit to the very same watering hole last June – has only further added to the intrigue surrounding the popstar’s ongoing personal reinvention.