Justin Bieber Wore Metallica And Nirvana T-Shirts And Made Rock Fans Really, Really, Really Angry

It’s 2015 and the old idea of music tribes is all-but dead. Even Noel Gallagher prefers the likes of Kanye and (allegedly) Ellie Goulding to Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood.

Having not got the memo, some purists have still been up in arms over the fact that Justin Bieber was recently picturing wearing both Nirvana and Metallica T-shirts. Sacrilege! “Justin Bieber wearing a Nirvana shirt is an oxymoron… because Nirvana actually [made] good music” wrote one individual. Another tweeted: “Why the fuck is Justin Bieber wearing a Nirvana and Metallica shirt, disgusted”.

Does it matter if Bieber knows every Metallica riff, or could recite the lyrics to ‘Territorial Pissings’? These haters certainly think so…