Justin Timberlake’s album preview party looked absolutely batshit

Where else could you enjoy grasshopper canapés?

Justin Timberlake is (bringing sexy) back, with his latest album ‘Man of the Woods’ being released next month. And although the sneak preview video we were first given for the record made it look like Timberlake had headed into the woods to write an album of Bon Iver-style introspection, we needn’t have worried. First single ‘Filthy’ came along and revealed that Timbers was back at his best, with catchy af, RnB-infused pop jams.

As musicians do, Justin is currently running a series of album preview events, where critics and fans get to listen to the new music ahead of its release. All fairly standard procedure, apart from JT seems to have gone a bit wild with his.

Did the former Mouseketeer keep it subtle and beige for his premier party? Obviously not. The whole event had a ‘Man of the Woods’ theme, with trees and bushes used to decorate the New York venue where it was held.

“But that could have just been the hipster, Instagram friendly aesthetic” I hear you cry! Yeah, but JT didn’t stop there, did he?! Being the host with the most he also put on a proper forest spread for his guests to munch on.

Lucky attendees were treated to a unique meal that featured tasty, tasty courses like “sea urchin and kelp pie” and the classic combo of “black garlic, rose oil, and ants”. What a delight.

And it was a family affair, with Timberlake’s wife, actress Jessica Biel, also in attendance.

Celeb pals came along to chow down on some grasshoppers, including Stranger Things’ Gaten Matarazzo.

And the event was a mad successful, with attendees loving it:

Gutted to miss it? Don’t worry. To recreate the A List event on a budget why not for ‘Man of the Woods’ to be released on the 2nd of February, head down to your closest field, play it on your favourite streaming service and chomp down on whatever bugs you can find.